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Help me crowdfund my feature length indie comedy!

2013-04-18 02:13:30 by Psychofig

Heya folks,

Long time no post. I've kind of moved away from Flash stuff but I still make some other things. Specifically film.

Like the trailer? Awesome! Because the movie is already finished! However, I am looking for $1,000 to premiere it at a local theatre, and shortly after I'll post it online for everyone. If you're interested in helping out, check the link below. If you donate just 1$ you'll get a spot in the credits and if you go above to around 20$, I'll send you a DVD copy of the film with exclusive bonus features.

Indiegogo Link

Thanks Newgrounds, and have an awesome day!


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2013-04-18 10:51:27

Well It was quite good .I think this would be funny and yeah i will support your cause

Psychofig responds:

Awesome yay!


2013-04-18 15:40:02

looks like it could be decent or a total pain

it looks like a hit or miss kind of comedy

Psychofig responds:

uh okeyyyy


2013-04-18 18:10:37

It seems a great concept. Newgrounders unite!

Psychofig responds:

Woo thanks!


2013-04-18 18:51:34

fuck yoU PUNK!!

Psychofig responds:



2013-04-19 10:38:44

Weelll.....looks pretty funny, pretty good, can't wait, but have you ever heard of post-production? Seriously, ask for more money, and hopefully if you make another movie you can afford some better effects...I know that was mean, but it had to be said...that aside, good job, and everyone should donate.