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I'm not a brony either but I found this funny. You really have a knack for making original comedy, sight gags aside, everything I've seen, from that hamster thing to your Professor Layton cartoons have been instant classics in my view. I'm definitely adding this to my favorites.


This is stupid. I know, it sounds like I'm just being a flaming prick, but it's true. There is no comedic value to this movie. Even if you get the whole Captain Falcon thing or not. After his first appearance it was incredibly predictable what was going to happen next. I expected at least some content, but no, this is an empty piece of trash animation that doesn't even deserve to hold the name of a parody.

The definition of parody is a work designed to mock or trivialize somebody's original work. The only glimpse of that was the creeper bit, and that was 2 seconds. The rest is captain falcon doing nothing of interest. If I take a shit, and rub it on Sonic the Hedgehog's face, and take a picture of it, that isn't a parody.

That's me rubbing a piece of shit on Sonic's face. And this video isn't a parody, it's captain falcon punching memes.

Next time you make a parody, have a punchline, or at least a running gag that has comedic value. That's my 2 cents.

Plus, your ad's audio doesn't turn off when you click play, which carries over to the video itself, and the mute buttons on it don't work. I had to refresh my page about a dozen times to just view the video. Dunno if it's your fault or not so I'm not counting it as part of my review.... but just a heads up.


Hah, fortresscraft is such a joke... But I'm glad Minecraft is seeing it's way onto consoles, it'll be opened up to a whole new audience. However I don't really understand what was so funny about the animation... There wasn't really a joke here or anything, the audio quality was meh, and the overall animation wasn't bad, but nothing amazing either. Good job though, you definitely do have some skill to put this together in a day.

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This is absolutely adorable, great job. I see your coding skills have improved! And the game looks fantastic too!

Kwing responds:

Actually, I used bad coding habits for this game... The lasers actually are playing through a firing animation.

Awesome, Original Game.

This is one of the most original games to hit the front page in months. It's excellently made too, easy to play, not convoluded and the difficulty level revs up very nicely so that anybody can become a master with enough practice. The GUI is fantastic and very modern, which I love. The game itself works perfectly, I couldn't find a single glitch, not to say there aren't any, but take that as a big compliment from a fellow game designer considering this is a brand new concept. The only thing I really disliked about this game is the music selection, which is why I give it a 9. Pretty much all of it is electronic and techno, and you missed out in a lot of places where you could have had blues, funk, jazz, even some Final Fantasy pieces (though I did love the Pokemon Final Battle addition). But hey, that's what player packs are for, and I think this game is really going to take off in popularity so expect to be making those soon ;).

FrozenFire responds:

Searching the audio portal for jazz/funk that fits this game was HARRDDD I really did try though. We had to limit our selection to the best of the best. Don't worry though.
This game is doing really well and I have plans to get additional content of ALL GENRES in the future. :)



This has to be the most useful thing ever created, I don't know how you managed to get it done in flash, but this makes it so much easier for everybody aspiring to create minecraft skins, everywhere. This is going to be a killer app for all minecrafters.

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You've got some real talent! At 1:12, it sounds a lot like the Old Spice commerical guy.

Can't wait to hear more from you dude!


You rock! Although I would work on the Peter Griffin impression, it's hard, but anybody who can do it is pretty damn skilled.

Awesome, and I used it!

Although it isn't credited (since I didn't have enough space), I used this game for the final stage in my game Moovlin PC. It's so epic, and it sounds great for an epic challenge. It's catchy, memorable, and amazing. I hope hundreds of flash games use this song!

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If my room walls weren't taken up by naked pictures of Tom Fulp, I would frame this and hang it over my bed.


Too bad you didn't finish it earlier, otherwise I would have added it to Moovlin PC. Still, awesome.


Kwing responds:

Yeah, I was inspired by the hype about Moovlin coming out TONIGHT OMFG... You know what I mean. So either way, this wouldn't have made it into Moovlin PC. Thanks for the good review! Making it 3D was hard... In fact, a lot of parts still look kind of unrealistic.

I am the creator of Moovlin PC! Go check it out!


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