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Busted! Busted!

Rated 2 / 5 stars


There isn't really any punchline to this... I understand what the collab was about but this doesn't really convey any message or anything... 4 stars for the half decent animation.

Joeylicious responds:

Sorry that I didn't throw in a meme, champ.

Friendship is Magic Bitch Friendship is Magic Bitch

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm not a brony either but I found this funny. You really have a knack for making original comedy, sight gags aside, everything I've seen, from that hamster thing to your Professor Layton cartoons have been instant classics in my view. I'm definitely adding this to my favorites.

Internet Allstars 2011 Internet Allstars 2011

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This is stupid. I know, it sounds like I'm just being a flaming prick, but it's true. There is no comedic value to this movie. Even if you get the whole Captain Falcon thing or not. After his first appearance it was incredibly predictable what was going to happen next. I expected at least some content, but no, this is an empty piece of trash animation that doesn't even deserve to hold the name of a parody.

The definition of parody is a work designed to mock or trivialize somebody's original work. The only glimpse of that was the creeper bit, and that was 2 seconds. The rest is captain falcon doing nothing of interest. If I take a shit, and rub it on Sonic the Hedgehog's face, and take a picture of it, that isn't a parody.

That's me rubbing a piece of shit on Sonic's face. And this video isn't a parody, it's captain falcon punching memes.

Next time you make a parody, have a punchline, or at least a running gag that has comedic value. That's my 2 cents.

Plus, your ad's audio doesn't turn off when you click play, which carries over to the video itself, and the mute buttons on it don't work. I had to refresh my page about a dozen times to just view the video. Dunno if it's your fault or not so I'm not counting it as part of my review.... but just a heads up.

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Minecraft for Xbox 360! Minecraft for Xbox 360!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Hah, fortresscraft is such a joke... But I'm glad Minecraft is seeing it's way onto consoles, it'll be opened up to a whole new audience. However I don't really understand what was so funny about the animation... There wasn't really a joke here or anything, the audio quality was meh, and the overall animation wasn't bad, but nothing amazing either. Good job though, you definitely do have some skill to put this together in a day.

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The Many Kirbys Collab The Many Kirbys Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars


As much as I hate rating stuff I've been in 10, this fully deserves it. I've watched every submission in this before the collab launched, and I still found this view absolutely hilarious and entertaining. The humor is so much better than The Kirby Collab, most of the stuff is completely unexpected and it has TONS of shock value.

The graphics have majorly improved this time too, some of the stuff looks TV-ready. I usually don't rate stuff this high if it's a collaboration, due to raised expectations, but nobody in this collab is a big star, we're all indy-ish artists who have only made a top of a dozen or so submissions. Yet this looks fantastic.

Anybody who dropped out of the collab should be crying right now, this was a triumph, I'm making a note here, HUUUUUGE SUCCCESSSS.

FlashfireEX responds:


Robo Bacon-Neck Warfalcon Robo Bacon-Neck Warfalcon

Rated 5 / 5 stars


My uncle, Miguel Figueroa, is the leader of the Communist Party of Canada.

NiN10Doh: ToThe64thPower NiN10Doh: ToThe64thPower

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I'd hate to just say this was average because the animation in almost every part was amazing and this is a pretty massive achievement in flash history, but seriously, almost every joke was bad. I've played every game you mentioned with the exception of Mischief Makers and I found almost none of the scenes to be funny.

To break it down, they all had excellent animation, and the only one that I laughed at were the two starfox parts.

But they were all either:

-not trying at all to be funny and not making any point whatsoever
-trying to be funny and falling flat
-not trying to be too funny but still coming off as pretty lame

But the main problem I had with the entire collab that almost ruined it completely was that the voice acting was utter trash. Seriously, I love most of your works because they were all zany and funny. Not that these were, but the real problem is I COULDN'T HEAR HALF OF WHAT WAS BEING SAID. Maybe because of that I didn't pick up on the jokes, but some of the collab pieces had incredibly low volume and some where speaker crackingly bad. And the one's that weren't usually had the dialog go way too fast and it was just extremely painful listening too.

So overall, this was mildly pretty sad for me to see. I'm not going to be a douche and say you guys have potential but that you all really need to test your stuff out of an audience to see if they find it funny before releasing. And a big group too. The number one problem plaguing these massive productions is that somewhere along the line people in the collaboration forget that writing is almost all of what makes a flash good. Directorial skills. Look at Circle N' Square 2. Simple animation, good writing, and it has almost the same score as your massive 20 minute collab.

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Final fantasy 7 in 3 min. Final fantasy 7 in 3 min.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Totally awesome parody of a legendary game. Points off for sometimes weak animation, but the jokes were good and you're totally right about the explosions, but would've liked to see more stuff about the FF7 crew talkin' to the wise man in Cosmo Canyon.

Awesome nonetheless, glad this won daily.

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

To be honoust, the parody is mostly based on my memories of the game, and I barely remember the old guy from Cosmo canyon. It's mostly the big set pieces.

I'm more suprised barely any people complain about the lack of the Turks.

Joey n' Glenn 2 Joey n' Glenn 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


why did you kill rayquazar he was our deus ex machina! the flash was pointless without him! i also cried when u killed him it was like when dobby died in hp7

Gustavos responds:

YOUR dues ex? Excuse me, but the great Lord of the Sky belongs to everyone.

WGJ4K: Hottest GameChicks WGJ4K: Hottest GameChicks

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Somewhat disappointing.

You know, up until now, I really thought you were gonna start a streak of good episodes. Episode 9 was by far my favorite in the series, particularly because it had to most of all, with the series and what WGJ4K is about.

And I know in this episode, you wanted it to feel epic, but it just wasn't there. While the dialog emulates something of a movie, and admittedly, the scene where the boss was pointing the gun had me off the seat, the entire thing as a whole just feels so out of place and tune with the rest of the series. When you come right down to it, this entire series isn't even about video games.

When you have a protagonist or antagonist, or whatever Mickey classifies as, you have to make them somewhat follow the plot. It seems every single episode has Mickey screwing around with the entire show which completely ruins any possible game joke there could be.

The only two episodes that actually have to somewhat do with video games are the pilot and the twilight princess review. The rest have been attempts to convince Mickey do to anything, and he's just messed them up with just inserting profanitity and vulgarity. The only instance where that type of humor actually worked WAS in the 9th episode. Because admittedly, it wasn't about video games. But it was a different stray of comedy which was much more down to earth and relatable.

And then, you have this finale, which isn't even funny. Yet I'm not voting it down because of that, I'm ripping on it because you've completely jumped topics and that this feels completely out of place. Looks to me like you made an epic finale to keep people wanting a second season, but you had absolutely no chain or link between the episodes and absolutely no build up to this point. If something had happened in the second last episode that built up to Mickey's sheer rage against VGV, this would be better.

All I can say positively about this was that the animation and lighting were very impressive and that the intense moment you did have was effective despite it having no meaning or place in the series. Props, but overall this was pretty meh.

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