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PewDiePie Space Invaders PewDiePie Space Invaders

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is absolutely adorable, great job. I see your coding skills have improved! And the game looks fantastic too!

Kwing responds:

Actually, I used bad coding habits for this game... The lasers actually are playing through a firing animation.

Symphonic Tower Defense Symphonic Tower Defense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome, Original Game.

This is one of the most original games to hit the front page in months. It's excellently made too, easy to play, not convoluded and the difficulty level revs up very nicely so that anybody can become a master with enough practice. The GUI is fantastic and very modern, which I love. The game itself works perfectly, I couldn't find a single glitch, not to say there aren't any, but take that as a big compliment from a fellow game designer considering this is a brand new concept. The only thing I really disliked about this game is the music selection, which is why I give it a 9. Pretty much all of it is electronic and techno, and you missed out in a lot of places where you could have had blues, funk, jazz, even some Final Fantasy pieces (though I did love the Pokemon Final Battle addition). But hey, that's what player packs are for, and I think this game is really going to take off in popularity so expect to be making those soon ;).

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FrozenFire responds:

Searching the audio portal for jazz/funk that fits this game was HARRDDD I really did try though. We had to limit our selection to the best of the best. Don't worry though.
This game is doing really well and I have plans to get additional content of ALL GENRES in the future. :)


Skincraft Skincraft

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This has to be the most useful thing ever created, I don't know how you managed to get it done in flash, but this makes it so much easier for everybody aspiring to create minecraft skins, everywhere. This is going to be a killer app for all minecrafters.

Hunters - Stage 6 Hunters - Stage 6

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Weak ending to an overall weak series.

Well, I reviewed the first one, played all the ones in between and thought I'd review the final one.

You obviously didn't bother listening to any criticism that people left earlier and kept churning this game out, and I have to say, the presentation actually improved. It seems the animations in this are much less static than at first.

However, the game is still a copy of Contra or those type of side scrolling shooters. The problem I have with the game is it's just NOT fun, at all. This is mostly due to level design and graphics. You have some scenarios where the player is forced to take damage, making it impossible for people to get the thrill of perfecting a level. The player is rarely rewarded for completing tasks.

In fact, this is the only game I have ever seen on the front banner that doesn't have medals. There is no sense of achievement besides the following cutscenes and some weak extras. On top of that, the level design is just bad, I often found myself forced to go into a corner as I was ambushed by so many enemies, and then I had to sacrifice health just to get past them. The game is challenging, but in a really cheap way which requires no skill. The mantra is about as deep as "take as little damage as you can if you want to make it past".

Another problem is the graphics, each little section/map or whatever you want to call them look so boring and bland. There is very little interactivity and a big lack of collectables or anything to keep people replaying a level.

But besides that, it was pretty good. I couldn't take any of the cutscenes seriously because they basically consisted of a static facing with a mouth moving up and down, and the rest of the game was just a collection of tweens. A skip button would've been nice too (I'm not one to talk, however...heheh).

I see little that you could add to this that could improve it, the whole 2d shooter thing is only fun with upgrades and jetpacks and a whole shit ton of abilities that games like LittleBigPlanet 2 and Metal Slug have solidified. Better luck on your future endeavors.

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Hunters - Relic of Stars Hunters - Relic of Stars

Rated 2 / 5 stars


If I'm not correct, you're the guy who ripped on Moovlin PC... and you've ripped on issues which ironically you don't see a problem with in your own game.

Now, I know this is already getting fairly poor feedback but bare with me, this game isn't in any means bad, it's just the height of mediocrity.

Artwork is pretty simplistic and mostly static, there is not much to see here, locales don't change often, and everything is clearly made with the line tool. Artwork in my opinion usually doesn't matter as long as the game is functional and fun, proven time and time again by games like Minecraft, Fancy Pants, etc.

But even if this game did have nice art, I would probably only give it a 5.

The gameplay is extremely stale and counter intuitive. The jumping button is mapped to X which is really annoying since the intuitive option would be Up, but since that's aiming, the second option would be spacebar, and that's used to pause. So many time I would pause the game instead of jumping. The intuitive option for pausing would be mapping to P, as that is most commonly used.

Second, when you pause, the animations for your character still operate, which just looks sloppy. The game also feels like a clone copy of this other, even shittier game called Prometheus... it feels like a carbon clone with a female protagonist. The controls work smoothly but the enemy designs are few and far between, and I often found myself stuck in corners having to sacrifice health just to escape from a monster.

Despite all that, there is only one other thing that bugged me, you decided to have voices on top of music, which made it really hard to hear.

Anyways, nice effort, there are a ton of great constructive reviews on this already and if you fix a few of the flaws I mentioned on top of others mentioned, this could be really good. Don't listen to dickless shits who just blam it for the sake of blamming without offering any criticism, first hand experience here, it can be really annoying. With the right amount of effort and dedication put into this, this could be a top tier game

The Birdinator The Birdinator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really good!

I beat the entire game in 10 days. I loved it all the way through. The controls were well done, the humor was nice, and despite having mediocre artwork, the amount of chaos on the screen during the last days took my mind away from the visual appeal and I gorged over how much fun it was. The controls were never glitchy at all, and props for adding mouse control so that people with Android Phones can play it as well!

So overall, this isn't the best game I've ever played, by a long shot, but pretty much everything was perfectly and smoothly done that rating it under 10 wouldn't be fair.

Also, there are tits. That also influenced the 10 ;)

One Step Back One Step Back

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Poorly done.

Now, I shouldn't be a critic to a game which shares the same flaws as my own, but these do stand out, and as a reviewer, I think it my duty to point them out.

This game is very, very sloppy in execution. The problem is, while the idea is original, it just isn't good. And while at tops, if it didn't have an extensive list of bugs, it would still probably only get an 8 from me because it has no sense of achievment in it what so ever.

Little things:

-If you are in a huddled corner and you wall jump, your character's rotation will not shift to 180 while doing so, making it look really weird.
-No music muting, and it is needed since the music is extremely annoying.
-No way to select different music which should be mandatory in a game like this and easily implanted.
-Generic attempt to make a thought provoking game, in which the dialog sounds to familiar to people who have played puzzle games/art games that it becomes tedious and annoying. At this point, action and saving the princess becomes less cliche even.
-Hittest glitches, while hard to spot to the untrained eye, slowing it down with a flash manipulator shows proof that you can die without even touching your shadow. I would suggest making a bounding box only at the middle area of the character to detect hittests, making it more generous.
-Level design failure. Levels are much too cramped and often uncreative as well.

Bigger flaws:

-Inability to see progress. This is a must. If I don't know how much left and how much I have done, I have no reason to play this game.
-Jumping while going down slopes. Again, even my game has this issue. See if you can fix it, sometimes it just won't respond.
-Animation issues, the character runs on air when you fall, and sometimes runs on air when you jump, and oftenly runs on air when you wall jump as well.
-Wall jumping in tight spaces. I have glitched from this and fallen off of the map and the versions of me following start freaking out when I do.

Other than that, this game has a nice sense of color and art direction, somewhat smooth animation and a nice touch of simplicity. But it isn't anywhere near perfect, and unfortunately, the idea will never be good simply because it isn't fun being chased around by yourself.

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Axion RPG 2 (BETA) Axion RPG 2 (BETA)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really, really good!

I don't know if it is all what it appears to be, but here goes.

This is EXCELLENT. I know, it's weird that I rate this higher than EPOS, but this has some pretty great ideas. First of all, having daytime/nightime is awesome. Character customization is neat and totally not expected from a flash RPG. The mission system is really nice and the music selection is great!

The weak part in all of this is the graphical presentation. It could use some more spunk, maybe animation, etc. It kind of feels like a dull runescape presentation wise, but other than that, you are off to a great start!

I hope to see this on the front page some day!

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jscdragon responds:

Thanks dude!
Everything is open to improvement, DEFINITELY including graphics.

thanks for the feedback

Fire and Water Tutorial Fire and Water Tutorial

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really good tutorial!

The animation is really well done, and the tutorial is easy for anybody to understand. Props to this.

Also, fun fact, Moovlin PC uses these techniques for the intro!

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Kwing responds:

Thanks :)
I tried to make it understandable.

Epos Epos

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, but suffers.

Don't get me wrong - this game plays very well, graphics are swell, presentation is good and everything is good... except for the fact that there are a ton of annoyances.
As much as I want to rate this 10, a few things popped up that annoyed me. Other than these things which do hurt the game quite alot, but are easily fixable, this is a marvelous game and I recommend it to every RPG Fan.

First of all, the presentation suffers from keyboard use. Now, I wouldn't mind it too much, but there are no little arrows, and highlighting the option you want doesn't make up for it. It just annoys me, that's all. The presentation is much more complex than it needed to be.

Second, there are a few little RPG options missing. The music is well composed but kind of gets on my nerves, and it is a bit of a cliche to have orchestra music. Sometimes it doesn't fit the setting. Mini-games are good. There is also no run option, and it seems that this game will drag on and on with tiny battles. There should have at least been an option to change the battle speed like in FF. They seem a bit slow and clunky, but at least most of them are fun.

Third, is typical grinding. This game requires too much of it from the player, and when you do grind enough to beat a certain enemy, there is no reward. Medals are nice, and maybe gil or new powers, but this game kind of loses it's flair in the later parts.

Still, besides those issues which you could fix easily, this is an absolutely wonderful game with tons of timer, effort and love put into it!

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