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Psychofig's News

Posted by Psychofig - September 1st, 2017

Long time no see Newgrounds. I don't do flash animations anymore, but I still dabble around in Illustrator and After Effects. Most of the time I make stuff like this. Enjoy - let me know if you'd like to see more stuff like this!

Posted by Psychofig - April 18th, 2013

Heya folks,

Long time no post. I've kind of moved away from Flash stuff but I still make some other things. Specifically film.

Like the trailer? Awesome! Because the movie is already finished! However, I am looking for $1,000 to premiere it at a local theatre, and shortly after I'll post it online for everyone. If you're interested in helping out, check the link below. If you donate just 1$ you'll get a spot in the credits and if you go above to around 20$, I'll send you a DVD copy of the film with exclusive bonus features.

Indiegogo Link

Thanks Newgrounds, and have an awesome day!

Posted by Psychofig - August 21st, 2012

It's gonna be a feature length comedy, available to all you guys, absolutely free on Youtube!

Posted by Psychofig - March 26th, 2012

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Posted by Psychofig - January 23rd, 2012

Hey Newgrounds, long time no see!

I haven't been animating much in Flash lately but I think a skyrim parody is in order so I can keep up my toolbag rep. Don't worry, it would be original... if I got around to making one.

But other than that, I've been more into filming. Here are two things I've managed to finish in the past few months, enjoy!

Posted by Psychofig - August 6th, 2011

This guy's voice is like butter to my ears.....

In other news I'm working on something kinda serious, a tribute to Final Fantasy 8. No, not 7, that's been done a billion times. FF8 has to be one of the most controversial FF games because tons of people consider it the worst one of all time and others praise it as one of the best, deep, and thrilling games of the series, and some even go so far to name it the best RPG of all time. All of that is a matter of opinion though, I personally found it really touching and exciting despite the cheesyness of the characters at times, and I adored the Junction system. Summons and FMV sequences were also shweet.

But the fact of the matter is, this isn't going to be a review, it's going to be a tribute. How is it going to be styled? Well, It's going to contain flash animated re-makes/versions of scenes and events from the actual game that stood out to me the most along with some typography animation and stylized shtuff. I'm going to put in a fair bit of work into this and it'll be around 2 or 3 minutes... I want the song 'Premonition', which some might recall as the Edea/Ultimecia battle theme playing in the background, as it's one of the best songs in the game.

But yeah.... that's about it.... how's everybody else enjoying their summer :D?

Posted by Psychofig - July 18th, 2011

I'm starting a collab up, it's really simple... http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/12 59324


Also, today I bless you with the most orgasmic song... or medley of songs you will ever here. This is the best thing you will ever listen to in your entire life, no exceptions.

IN OTHER UNRELATED NEWS.... I'm going to the Katy Perry Concert here at Rogers Arena tomorrow... sooo stoked :D

Posted by Psychofig - June 16th, 2011

Coming next week... I promise. Don't Obama look dandy? I USE MEMES IN MY VIDEOS SO YOU KNOW IM A FUNNY GUY


Posted by Psychofig - June 12th, 2011

New cartoon... should be done by end of the month :D!

How Osama ACTUALLY was killed.

Posted by Psychofig - May 22nd, 2011